Impact on Life

Impact on Life

At Pappin Law, our aim is to provide more than just legal services. We seek to ensure that our clients regain their independence and quality of life to the maximum extent possible. Where therapies, treatments, medical procedures or other services are available to help restore these, we work to ensure that these are provided or paid for.

Catastrophic injuries can result in a greatly diminished capacity to do many things.

The following activities are often impeded:


Doing the same job, or working at any job at all, may become impossible.


Language ability can be affected by catastrophic injury, including the ability to speak, read or, in severe cases, even understand speech.


As a consequence of chronic pain, physical limitations or self-consciousness about aesthetic changes, social interaction may become unpleasant or undesirable.


Depending on the degree of incapacity, various degrees of personal assistance may be required with movement. Also, modifications may need to be made to a home, a vehicle or other items.


Due to physical injuries, loss of coordination, loss of balance or cognitive impairment, the ability to play sport or participate in enjoyable activities may be reduced or eliminated.